• A hub is the simplest Internetworking device
  • A hub simply extends the span of a Single Local area Network
  • A packet coming from one port is sent to all other ports.
  • The recieving Computer decides if the packet is for it
  • It operates at level 1 of OSI layer
  • Every packet is sent out to every computer and it's an drawback


  • A Bridge Connects two or more LANS together.
  • It looks at the destination of the packet before sending.
  • It does not send out the packet when the destination is not found.
  • It has only one incoming and one outgoing port
  • It works on the Mac Level (Datalink Layer)



  • When a packet comes to a switch it is read and to find which node to send the data to
  • This Leads to increased efficiency in packet transmission
  • It operates at level 2 of the OSI layer


It Sends at first to every node

Response is recieved from A

So Connection estlabished only with A



  • It is the Most Intelligent of the Internetworking devices
  • Router Connects any Combinations of LANS & WANS.
  • Works at Network Layer.
  • So it uses the IP address for routing packets
  • When the data Comes through the router it is forwared to the node with the destined IP address.
  • The Speed have now reached 100 mbps to 1 Gbps
  • The Below diagram clearly explains the working


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