Today I start my new set of tutorial series called 'Learn in a Minute' series,where concepts will be explained in plain language that is understandable by everyone who is trying to learn the language


To start off we begin with the Jquery series which will be 3-5 part Series.

What is Jquery ?

  • It is a free, Open Simplified Javascript library.
  • Simplifies the task of creating highly responsive webpages.
  • The jquery library provides functions & functionalities for using Ajax Operations and cool effects such as transitions fade in fade outs etc.
  • Works across all Modern Browsers.
  • If you need a site that provides eye catch outputs,Ajax functionalities and not worry about the browser capabilities then Jquery is the Language that you are looking for.


Pre Requisites:

Before learning Jquery I strongly recommend you to be familiar with these languages

  1. HTML (The basic Internet Language)
  2. CSS (Jquery syntax is very much similar to CSS, So CSS is highly recommended)
  3. JavaScript (Some basic knowledge is required)
  4. DOM (Familiarize yourself with the document object model )
  5. AJAX (Optional, Not for beginners)


So What does Jquery Simplify ?

In a modern day web development application will have a two possible Scenarios

  1. During pageload  performing a bunch of page settings.
  2. An Event   which retrieves some content,manipulate it and put it back on the page.

Jquery Makes this two as easy as it should be.

Further Jquery Simplifies some Common Scripting Issues such as :

  • Getting and Manipulating Page Content
  • Modern browser event models
  • Sophisticated effects.

Jquery leverages your existing knowledge on CSS works with the set of elements and performs multiple operations on it with a single line of code.

Installation & Testing

Below is a Screenshot of Jquery home page ''







Clicking on download tab gives us the download page to download the library
We have two version of Jquery library

  1. Production version (Minified version – 32 kb)
  2. Development version (Un compressed -247 kb )




We will be using the minified version in the Series.

Now we will be having the file named "jquery-1.7.2.js" in our hard disk.

Now run the following Snippet

[JavaScript] Jquery Testing [/JavaScript]

Save the file with any name

The following Popup appears when the file is on a browser confirming the successful inclusion of the library





The Subsequent parts will be posted by the end of the week

Thank u for reading this Article hope it was useful !


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