1.HTML/XHTML: The first thing to learn in Web technology is html.Html lets us allow design web pages,without html there is no way we can create a web page.

  • XHTML is an extended HTML,it is just an extension of HTML,we can call it a Strict HTML in which we have to strictly use doctype in our pages and other restrictions.
  • One can use W3 Schools to learn html.

2.CSS: CSS- Cascading Style Sheets The Next thing after learning HTML one must learn is CSS

CSS offers Web Designers to Style their HTML Pages.

It Allows us to design layouts for our page.

3.JAVASCRIPT: Next in the order Comes JavaScript

  • It is a premier Client Side Scripting Language
  • Almost all Browsers interpret JavaScript
  • Its use to add Programming to our static web pages

W3 Schools and Headfirst JavaScript are good Source for learning JavaScript

4.PHP : My Personal Preference is PHP- PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor

  • It is a Server Side Scripting Language
  • All Validations and processing is done on the server side eg.On a Apache server
  • Login validations database usage is possible with PHP
  • Learning Php or any other server side scripting Is Mandatory in order to complete a web application.

Source:Lynda.com offers good Tutorials in Beginners PHP

5.JQUERY: JQuery is primarily used to please the visual appearance of the web pages

  • Jquery is capable of doing extraordinary transition effects,and visually appealing effects
  • Make JQuery as a final touchup to your page.
  • If you have Mastered the other four Come for Jquery.
  • Source:Newboston Offers good Php Tutorials

Thank u for reading this  Article hope it was useful !
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