Statement Chaining in Jquery







  • One of JQuery's most Powerful features is its ability to chain multiple functions together.
  • We can perform Several Operations in 1 line of Code.


  • Here the result set is an collection on function1,function2,function3 annotated together by a dot operator.
  • They will chain from left to right.
  • So with this bulk result set we can perform any operations of our wish like we can apply a selector or apply an filter etc.
  • Jquery terminology call this 'statement chaining'
  • Instead of getting the result set over & over again, we use the same result set.
  • We can apply a css to identify the selected result set.

Statement Chaining Example:

  • We illustrate statement chaining with an icon identifier example.
  • We have a set of 5 links in the example and some of them are html links some pdf links and some email links.
  • Using Jquey we select all the anchor tags and look for the ones with the extension '.pdf' to it.
  • Then we add a small icon to show that it's a pdf link.
  • Live demo and script download is available below




Statement Chaining in JQuery

The below Example demonstrates how to examine content of a link and add a pdf icon to it if its pdf.


An Screnshot is given below:








Download & Live Demo:


  • Click below to download Script and view 'Live Demo'


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