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Statement Chaining in Jquery

            One of JQuery's most Powerful features is its ability to chain multiple functions together. We can perform Several Operations in 1 line of Code. $(selector).fn1().fn2().fn3(); Here the result set is an collection on function1,function2,function3 annotated together by a dot operator. They will chain from left to right. So with

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Jquery Learn In a Minute Series Part-2 (Selectors and Filters)

        Continuing our Jquery series this is part 2 of the 5 part Jquery learn in a minute series continuation of part1.In this brief tutorial we will see how to retrieve content from our web page using Jquery Selectors and filters. SELECTORS & FILTERS In Jquery , in order to retrieve contents

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Jquery Learn In a Minute Series Part-1 (Installation & Introduction)

            Today I start my new set of tutorial series called 'Learn in a Minute' series,where concepts will be explained in plain language that is understandable by everyone who is trying to learn the language Introduction To start off we begin with the Jquery series which will be 3-5 part

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