• Update Command is needed most of the Web applications and CMS
  • Using it with default values specified in query is simple,but Many will have issues with passing a PHP variable in the query
  • The Update Command is of the form
    UPDATE table_name SET field_name Values WHERE condition
    • If the user has received inputs via post method in a form it will be stored in POST super global in PHP
    • Use ‘.’ operator to append variables in mysql query
    • The mysql_real_escape_string() function is a simple method to provide basic security feature which does terminates any escape string given in inputs, I suggest to use it any usage of variables.
    • When we use double quotes inside double quotes we need to escape it with forward slash before and after.
    • The Snippet is given below


    $sql = "UPDATE table_name
            SET field_name='".mysql_real_escape_string($user_name)."'
            WHERE field_name=\"$user_name\"";

                  echo "Query failed";
                   echo "Query Successful";
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