• 'D' is a General Purpose Programming language.
  • D is a language with C and C++ type Syntax.
  • It also include the productivity of modern languages like Phython and Perl.
  • The D language is statically typed and compiles directly to machine code.
  • It supports many programming styles : imperative, object oriented, and metaprogramming.
  • dsource.org is an Open Source Development page for the D Programming Language.







    An sample program to calculate the area of a circle in D language is given below


    import std.conv;
    import std.stdio;
    import std.string;
    import std.math;
    const real pi = std.math.PI;
    void main()
          char [] chRadius;
          float r;
          writef("Enter the radius: ");
          chRadius = chomp(readln(stdin));
          r = toFloat(chRadius); 
          writefln("Circle area = %f", pi*r*r);
       catch (Exception e)
          writefln("catch %s", e.toString());
    • There are currently four implementations:
      1. Digital Mars dmd for Windows 1.0,2.0 x86 Linux 1.0,2.0 Mac OS X 1.0,2.0 and x86 FreeBSD 1.0,2.0.
      2. LLVM D Compiler ldcfor D version 1.
      3. Gnu D compiler gdc.
      4. D.NET Compiler alpha for .NET for D version 2.

            References for the D Language:

    • The Only book Available D Programming language by Andrei Alexandrescu
    • Official Digital Mars Sitefor the D Programming Language
    • Dprogramming.com – Site Providing help regarding D


      D Compiler Download link:

    • http://ftp.digitalmars.com/dmd.2.058.zip


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